Death defined (I hope)

Last night the pastor spoke, at length, about death and our relationship to what will ultimately be an event we all experience. I consumed all of his words, digesting them as my emotional self fought this internal battle I have with pragmatism which tends to guide me more often than not. If I cannot see … Continue reading Death defined (I hope)

Evolution Vs God

  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY I Recently followed a thread which focused on the century old debate on evolution versus God. I read all the comments which provoked me to do some thinking. The conclusion I reached is that neither determination offers an absolute truth. In other words there is no definitive proof available that … Continue reading Evolution Vs God

The Abortion Debate – Asking The Right Question

For decades now the debate between pro-life and pro choice advocates has been heated, never resolved. The argument has gone back-and-forth with the foundation of the debate focused on the question: “when does life begin?” I have spent a great deal of time attempting to debate this issue with civility without success. In my younger … Continue reading The Abortion Debate – Asking The Right Question

“Compassion Versus Punishment”

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on an “Un-friending” action on FaceBook for example that basically takes away a main line of communication with a loved one or two, (Siblings, Nieces, Nephews, Parents, Grandchildren, BFF, etc. )? A decision that blocks the ability to follow them, rendering you unable to see posts about their lives, photos … Continue reading “Compassion Versus Punishment”

Intoxicated By Hate – A Babble in search of sanity

For 63 years I pondered the emotional insanity of HATE and could never completely comprehend how anyone could actually subscribe to allowing it to attach itself to them in any form. Bereft of any positives, HATE, has always been a demon I fought like hell to never be introduced to.  I honestly did not consider … Continue reading Intoxicated By Hate – A Babble in search of sanity